Beckenham Beacon Contraception Clinic

Beckenham Beacon Contraception Clinic

We provide free and confidential Contraception services at our walk-in clinic in Beckenham Beacon. For a list of alternative Contraception clinics in Bromley head back to our Clinics page.

Beckenham Beacon is open to everyone regardless of their age or sexuality, it offers a range of services including:

  • Advice on contraceptive methods
  • Contraceptive pill
  • Free Condoms
  • Contraceptive injection
  • IUD/IUS (Coil) fitting and removal – following a consultation (please call before attending to check availability)
  • Contraceptive implant insertion and removal
  • Emergency contraception (can be used up to 5 days after unprotected sex)
  • Screening for chlamydia and gonorrhoea (for under 25s)
  • Advice on safer sex and avoiding STIs
  • Referral to other agencies relevant to your visit
  • Chlamydia treatment

Opening hours

Information unavailable due to COVID-19 changes. To find out more click here.

Beckenham Beacon Contraception Clinic

379-397 Croydon Road

Tel: 0300 330 5777